Journalist, writer and PR consultant


David Flanagan is an award-winning journalist, writer and PR consultant based in the Orkney Islands, Scotland.

He possesses over 20 years of news and features experience, gained across the newspaper, magazine, broadcast and digital sectors.

David also has a long track record in public relations, providing a full suite of PR and copywriting services to a number of businesses and organisations. In addition, David offers location management support for visiting news, documentary and film crews.

His first book, Board, was published by Fledgling Press in 2015.2015-01-12-board-cover-full-jpeg1.jpg


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi I just finished reading your book whilst on holiday.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it as I thought the learning to surf experience was only mine.
    I first picked up aboard in Newquay in 1970 hoping to join the in road who were pioneering surfing back then.
    Now 48 years later at 65 I can say I have now visited most of the best surf spots on the planet and always managed to be the poorest suffer out there.
    Having said that for those few and far between fleeting moments of flying down the line of getting the very occasional barrel.
    je ne regret de rien.It was all worth it and your book brought lots of memories rushing back.
    Thanks again see you out the back!!
    Roger Newton

    1. Hi Roger, many thanks for getting in touch. Very much appreciated. Always makes my day to hear from someone who’s enjoyed the book. As you say, it’s those fleeting moments which make all the pain worthwhile! Sounds as if you’ve seen a bit of the world through surfing too which is cool. If you ever make it this far north, give me a shout and we’ll see if we can catch a few. All the very best and thanks again, David.

  2. Read your book yesterday dude ,it was real interesting reading for a 45year old koo k, loved it,cheers and good luck

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